War on Women

If Republicans are waging a war on women, then the male Democratic elite is waging a war on the truth.”  By Katy Pavlich from her book “Assault and Flattery”

The following is a letter written by a high school classmate, an attorney; her letter clearly states what is at stake in this election, suggesting we focus on consequences and vote with our brain and not our emotions.

Image courtesy of Google Images by Gary Varvel

Image courtesy of Google Images by Gary Varvel, of the Indy Star

“Today we stand at a sharp turn in the road – one that will veer our Country sharply to the right or even more sharply to the left. We are facing critical issues such as immigration and border control, ISIS terror threats, healthcare collapse, trade imbalances, and massive new taxation – including huge increases in the death tax. In addition, we currently face dangers from the nuclear armament of foreign nations such as Iran, North Korea, and Russia, our own unsustainable federal spending, and overwhelming unemployment due to job migration.

More fundamentally, today, we need to decide whether we want to grow or shrink the size of our Government and limit or expand its ability to impact our lives and liberties. Will we increase the number of oppressive job-killing regulations that continue to grow, or will we choose to uniformly uphold the fundamental laws that have formed our Nation? We need to decide if we are a Nation of law and order based on the Constitution, or if our future is one where everyone is increasingly entitled to the fruits of the labors of a few. We need to decide where we stand in the global hierarchy, and who we allow to stand with us in solidarity.

It would seem that the sheer number of these issues, which could literally dictate every aspect of our lives for years to come, would be front and center in this election. Each candidate certainly has a starkly different viewpoint on how to resolve these problems and most people, when asked, are quick to express their own viewpoints on hot button issues such as partial birth abortion and gun control. Yet, each and every day, the media and even some voters seem to ignore the real issues by painting this election as merely a war on women, which will seemingly be solved for many, by electing a woman!

I, for one, am tired of the gender war theme being painted as the paramount issue facing American voters. It is not. While an election-based gender war may exist, it has been exaggerated and misrepresented by many in the press. I am tired of reading about the horrors of a decade-old clip of locker-room talk or about the propensity of some women to allow powerful men to take liberties with their bodies in return for potential financial or emotional gain. Commentary that cannot be defended should not be defended, but how does that compare with the very real threat of open-border Sharia Law being imposed on American women in the future? How does it compare with the indefensible horrors of acid-throwing on female students, stoning, full body covering, female genital mutilation, or honor killings in the name of religion?

How does that dated private conversation really compare with the recent actions of the other candidate who has accepted millions of dollars in campaign donations (disguised as Foundation contributions) and inflated speaking fees from countries such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where women are routinely physically and emotionally abused and abandoned? These donor countries are places where women cannot even drive or seek medical care on their own. Isn’t that the real war on women?

How does that conversation compare with the other candidate’s desire to use taxpayer money to subsidize partial-birth abortions and the subsequent sale of the baby body parts? How does it compare to the focused intimidation and destruction of her spouse’s rape victims, meanwhile pretending to believe that the victim of rape must always be believed? Does anyone even mention the fact that as a young lawyer, Hillary Clinton represented an alleged rapist and won an acquittal by attacking the victim and then laughing about it? Finally, how does that hackneyed conversation compare to the more mundane daily activities of a candidate who pays her female employees only one-third the rate that she pays her male employees?

Yes, there may be a war on women in this election, but it is not being waged by Donald Trump. This is a gender war being waged by Hillary Clinton, in an effort to shield her own history of corruption and ineptitude, and to blur the paramount issues of this election. I hold her accountable for her own actions and falsehoods, her own war on women, and I hope you do too.”

– Patricia Staub

Everyone has a stake in the outcome of this election!   The Supreme Court appointments over the next 4 years will affect the country for the next several decades.  Vote wisely!

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