Santa Claus Real?

The guessing game begins! Will there be a “Santa Claus rally” or will the familiar quote prevail, “If Santa Claus should fail to call, Bears may come to Broad and Wall“… For the sake of continuity, the definition of a “Santa Claus rally” is a stock market rally that takes place between Christmas and New Years, that spills over into the first week of January. Next is the old adage that says “as January goes” so goes the year. Add to that the stats on the presidential cycle, and it goes on from there.

If you spent any time reading the latest predictions they are all over the map as expected but the majority are bullish. But then as Barron’s said last week following their bullish forecast, they predicted a 10% increase in the market for 2015, so take that for what it’s worth.

This week in Barron’s, the S&P 500 was described as “violently flat” which is terribly appropriate. The wild swings were blamed on interest rates, anticipated hikes, oil prices, increased value of the dollar, China’s slowing economy, high yield bonds, etc. Maybe it was all the above, some of the time, or something completely different. When all is said and done, it does not matter WHY! All that matters is what your money is doing. You can’t control the “WHY” but you can control your money.

Controlling your money is the key to survival or preservation of your capital; but that demands a discipline that is adhered to without question. I realize that sounds definitive as if to say that a discipline is perfect. Perfection is not the goal. Being able to stay in the game is the goal and the only way to do that is to follow your discipline 100% of the time. When you think you are smarter than the discipline, question it, ignore it, etc. is when the trouble begins.

It’s like cheating on your diet or your budget or your work efforts; if you tiptoe outside the envelope and get away with it, then it gets much easier to do it a second time. Then, when you think you pulled it off, whatever that is, is likely the time you get hit like a ton of bricks. It’s a no win situation.

Prudent investing does not have to be time consuming, or stressful or just for those who can start with a lot of money. All it takes is discipline. BuySellIQ provides a discipline that is simple to learn, does not require a lot of time and is based on strictly technical data so it’s 100% objective. We use Trend Trading techniques and added a few tools to give investors an edge.

Even if you use an advisor or a broker or some outside assistance, you should have a way to check on the advice you are given or weigh it against another discipline. Shouldn’t you know if the advice you are getting is confirmed by a second source? Use BuySellIQ as a confirmation tool to make sure your money is where it should be. You get a second opinion from your doctor’s advice. Shouldn’t you check the health of your money?

Start 2016 with a solid resolution to make the most of an investment discipline. Make BuySellIQ your trusted source! Simply “Trust the Dot”!

Merry Christmas from everyone at BuySellIQ!!

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