It’s time to Man-Up

It’s time to “level the playing field” is a phrase that’s bandied about by those in the “class warfare” crowd. Recently we were told that the greatest concern for we “average Americans” is the growing income “inequality gap”. Who knew? Last I heard it was “climate change”!

My response to the first suggestion is: who wouldn’t be in favor of leveling the playing field? Unfortunately those who claim to be most in favor of this outcome, are the least likely to actually do something about it! Reminds me of one of my favorite adages: “The louder he talked of his honesty the faster I counted my spoons!”

Just to clear up any confusion, in this particular context, “leveling the playing field” comes down to people making more money. I’ll address that shortly!


As for the growing income equality gap and the alleged threat it poses, nonsense! First point is that there has ALWAYS been an income gap. Show me a time in history or a country on the globe that does not have an income gap. Second thing about income gaps is that without them there is no motivation to achieve, compete, learn, or work harder. That’s so obvious I’m compelled to say “Gee Mr. Wizard!” The real threat is NOT having rungs on the ladder of income….. after all, money is one method used to measure success. Congress can pass all the laws they conjure up and I’m sure there are some real doozies floating around, but they can’t regulate human nature.

As for climate change? You mean weather? YUP, it changes all the time so enough said!

What’s left is this: how to level the playing field (have more money) and how to get to the next rung on the ladder of income? The answer to both for the purpose of this blog is: invest!

I know all the standard answers to the “I” word — I don’t have enough money. The markets are rigged. I don’t have time. Too much risk. I have a 401(k) but still have no idea what to do. I tried it once and lost money so no thanks. There are many more but you get the idea.

Excuses will never get the job done. All the responses I cited are emotional reactions to why something can’t be done. First rule is: set aside your emotions. Anyone who has ever had an argument knows that emotions rule and logic goes right out the window. Investor fear costs money in numerous ways. Fear can either prevent you from getting into the market; it often affect your decisions and more often than not, bad decisions are the result of fear. There is not an investor out there who has not confronted fear; what you do when that happens will determine your success or failure. As the governator famously said “don’t be a girlie man”.

NEXT — Let’s Begin, at the beginning!

In part one I stated the obvious: the playing field needs to be a bit more “level”. In simple terms I am referring to people learning how to make more money through investing, and climbing to that next rung on the economic ladder. We know the NEED is there because all the smart guys in politics continue to tell us how they will get the job done. I’ll let you in on a little secret….. they don’t have a clue! Hard to believe I know but it’s an election year so get ready for the next round of promises, programs, and the like. Frankly you’re better off tuning it all out and focusing on how YOU can improve your life. No one will do it for you and depending on your age, you probably are well aware of that.

Our web site or blog is new and is designed to educate and assist everyone, whether a new or a seasoned investor. More importantly, the information applies equally to everyone because the rules for successful investing don’t twist and bend, just because one person has more experience than the other. The reason is because — don’t freak out on this next statement — there is nothing in this universe that is not a function of Natural Law. Think of it as the ebb and flow of life: cycles, tides, seasons, trends, and yes, even climate change, (the weather).

For the purpose of investing, the Natural Law we’re interested in are the trends in the market. You have all heard the phrase, “follow the money”? That’s what trends are – the direction of the money train. A famous investor said, “I just want to take my half out of the middle!” Have that phrase permanently stamped into your brain and FOLLOW IT!

The importance of the concept is it will prevent your greed (emotion) from worrying if you missed the last couple of percent either up or down. Trying to “call” a top or bottom is a fools game since the confirmation is only known in hindsight. So forget about all the gurus on TV or in print or on blogs! Yes, some will predict it and then be lauded for “calling the top (or bottom)” but it was just luck!! How can you tell? Ask that person what led to the conclusion; can they do it again? I guarantee there will not be an answer — at least not a plausible one!

How many “gurus” make the news year in and year out?? Luck is nice but unfortunately “Lady Luck” is always on the move!


  1. The playing field should, and can be improved for everyone.
  2. HOW?? Learn a simple, reliable and profitable investment platform.
  3. Emotions have no place in decision making — especially when YOUR money is involved.
  4. No one will look out for your best interest more than you. Take control!
  5. Tune out all the nonsense and the noise from the “experts”. Listen to what the markets are telling you. You say you don’t know how?? Stay tuned!!

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