Do Not Rationalize Failure

Deciding to sell might turn out, in hindsight, to be a mistake. BUT deciding NOT to sell can turn out to be a disaster. Has your stomach been churning a bit over the last two weeks as market volatility rears its head? For many, it’s their first taste of market chaos. It’s great fun while the market goes up!

But it’s the abrupt stop that gets your attention! You should be WIDE AWAKE by now! During the Fed induced bull market investors have been seduced by the “low-cost, low-fee, re-balance, and tax-loss harvesting” pitch versus what actually works, discipline and timing.

At BuySelliQ, we know that the most critical element to success is TIMING. Yes, fees matter, trade costs add up and it’s better to reduce both when possible. BUT, if you don’t sell when the time comes, bank your profits or take a small loss (to avoid a larger one), your costs of doing business become irrelevant!

When the market is in freefall, telling you to get out, you can rebalance until the cows come home and it won’t avoid losses. Don’t be fooled by the old “long term” story! BuySelliQ provides the sell signal with a big RED dot and all you do is follow it! Trust the dot, sell on RED, and have inventory available so you can confidently ride the next bull!

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