BuySelliQ Continues to Kick A$$

“Anonymous” is credited with the following quote: “Opportunity is often missed because we are broadcasting when we should be tuning in.” My father-in-law had a shorter version: “talking when you should be listening.” And you are asking, “What does that have to do with BuySelliQ?”

The world was introduced to BuySelliQ in Feb. of 2014 and our goal was to give everyone the opportunity to make money in the market by using our proprietary software. The message was short & simple: “Trust the Dot”! The feedback was not a surprise because what we provided was not complicated, not time consuming, and went against all the conventional wisdom of the alleged smart guys. Apparently, it was difficult for people to accept that we wouldn’t just horde this technology to ourselves.

skeptic2We heard statements like, “Yeah sure, this is going to help me make money? You expect me to believe that a colored dot on a line will actually work? I pay a lot of money to my advisor/broker and you’re telling me that your software can work just as well?” Actually, in most cases it kicks your broker’s butt every day of the week and twice on Sunday, but I’ll get to that shortly.

People are naturally skeptical and that’s not a bad trait. So the answer to the skeptics is to use our free trial, kick the tires and compare our results to yours. If you’re new to investing, get the list filled and watch and learn until you are ready to put money to work. Don’t be one of the whiners who is “talking when they should be listening.” Stop sitting on the sideline making excuses. If you’re on the bench; not on the field, it’s your choice. You can’t win the game if you never step on the playing field!

Outperforming the Big Boys

Before I give you some kick-butt stats, a Hindu Proverb – ” A man who misses his opportunity, and monkey who misses his branch, cannot be saved.”

Every end of quarter, June being the most recent, is followed by earnings reports from all the publicly traded companies. While they generally do not affect an entire market, they can have a major impact on individual companies. I’ll touch more on that shortly.

Now that BuySelliQ has been around for a few months (as in available to the public) and to speak to some of the skeptics out there, I wanted to see how we stacked up against a giant in the financial arena, (their name sounds like eye-bee-dee). I started with some of the top performing stocks of last week and where they suggested “BUY” and where our little green dot said BUY. Under Armour was at the top of their list for last week. BuySelliQ went “green” on 5-30-14 at $50.49. The unnamed publication put a buy at $60.23. Under Armour closed on Friday at $69. Which is better, 35% or 13%? Score one for BuySelliQ!!!

Next on the list was a place you might know: Chipotle — scored a 14% gain after good earnings. The gain was enough for the buy price of $602 which Chipotle zipped past on Tuesday. By comparison, BuySelliQ went GREEN back on 5-23-14 at $522 and CMG closed on Friday at $673. Again, 29% or 12%? BuySelliQ knocks it out of the park again!!

Third on the list of performers was one of those much maligned by Janet Yellen, Biotech stocks: Biogen. How did we do? Our green dot came in on 5-23-14 at $289; the “other guy” was a buy at $333. It closed on Friday at $336, so same old story, 16% or OUCH! .01%. BANG, to the moon, ALICE!

One more example simply because everyone knows this company! Facebook — lookout skeptics — you won’t like this one even though it’s “case closed” and I’ll explain why. First though — BuySelliQ went green on 7-26-13 at $34. The other folks buy recommendation was at $66. The close on Friday was $75. Don’t need the calculators for this one — 220% or 14%??? The bell is rung, flags are down, home run and game is over!!

Before moving on — all you doubters, naysayers, skeptics, brainiacs, or whatever foolish reason you have for not using BuySelliQ — the examples cited were on the top performers for the week as a result of earnings they announced. All got a boost and crossed into buy territory, per the unnamed source. The difference is that the BuySelliQ software puts investors in sooner and as such our gains were bigger and when it comes to gains, bigger is ALWAYS better!! Yes, earnings can make a difference and if a stock on your list is vulnerable it’s not a bad idea to wait to buy until earnings have been announced.

The above are only a few examples of what BuySelliQ can do for your bottom line. Let BuySelliQ kill it for you!

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