Buck Up Snowflakes!


Courtesy of Google images, Mike Ramirez, cartoonist

For more than a year Donald Trump was out on the campaign trail explaining what he would do if elected president.  His agenda was no secret and he won a yuge electoral college victory, BECAUSE of his campaign pledges.  Yet, every time he does what he says, which admittedly is rare for any elected official, the country erupts in protests, violence and chaos.   What gives?  Has the public suddenly changed their collective mind?  Not likely since he’s been in office less than a month.

The latest uproar is over the executive order to suspend the refugee program for 120 days so Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence determine the correct vetting procedures. He talked about it for a year and his first duty as POTUS is to protect the people of this country.

ATTENTION: similar actions have been done in previous administrations and the 7 countries Trump named, were identified by the Obama administration in 2015 as countries of “special concern”.  Where were all the protests when Obama barred immigrants at least 6 times during his two terms; Bill Clinton signed 6 immigrant bans; G.W. Bush did 6 and Reagan did 4.  That likely come as news to most readers simply because there were no protestors, until now.

Perhaps the real reason for all the chaos in reaction to the immigrant vetting process is because the left just does not like Trump and refuse to accept him as a duly elected president.  Digging a little deeper we have learned that we have professional protesters, which is to say that radical groups are being paid to stir up trouble.  When interviewed the protester usually has no idea what cause they are rioting against. They care about getting paid. One name that always pops up is George Soros, the billionaire who finances left wing radicals either directly or through “charities” such as the Tides Foundation.

On the other hand, polls taken during the chaos of the last couple weeks have shown that those who support Trump outnumber the naysayers and protesters. The market participants seem to approve judging by the rise in the indices since he won the election. Most of the time people complain because the president and elected politicians are not doing what they promised. Oddly the complaints from the left are because Trump IS doing the things he was elected to do.

There are complaints that some of the activities have been a little messy. DUH!! People resist change which is why it’s always chaotic, especially when half the country is fighting every minor activity. Hardly a productive environment!

People want a vibrant economy and per polls conducted after the election, they want ISIS stopped, Obamacare gone, and full time jobs. To make that happen Trump is going to have to sign a lot of executive orders to put an end to the destruction left by Obama. The road will be bumpy because change is always difficult. That begs the question: should anyone be judging this new administration after less than a month in office?  After 8 years of the Obama wrecking machine, adding 10 TRILLION to our national debt, and free reign to destroy small businesses and the working class, it’s time for the snowflakes to grow up and end the hysteria.

Turning back to the markets, my views have not changed.  Investors must have a discipline, or strategy, and then follow it without fail.  To do otherwise is a mistake that can be very expensive. The loss of confidence can be more damaging than the dollars lost because once emotions have the upper hand, the battle intensifies. Everyone makes mistakes on the path to greater profits.  The key is to use your trading diary so you don’t make the same mistake.


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