All I Do Is Win

P.T. Barnum famously said, “Without promotion something terrible happens — nothing!” While PT Barnum lived long ago, he would fit right in with today’s “connected” society. Barnum was the ultimate promoter in his time (1810-1891) and eagerly promoted the concept of “Go big or don’t go at all.” When he was told that his idea would never work, he responded by doubling down. He was said to be a man of courage. He was willing to step outside his comfort zone, take a risk while remaining focused on delivering exceptional value to his customers.

In the spirit of P.T Barnum, BuySelliQ is determined to honor his legacy of promotion and distaste for “nothingness”!

What exactly does BuySelliQ “promote”? Glad you asked because we have an awesome, albeit challenging, mission and that is to get everyone making money in the markets. It’s grandiose and a little altruistic, but it is our goal.

The challenge is to overcome the media-created perception that investing is too risky or that the game is rigged. The ideas that only professionals can do it, too much time is needed, or investing requires a lot of money is pervasive and the common perception. We have the challenge of changing behavior and de-programming the public. It’s one helluva task for sure.

At BuySelliQ, we believe in the user. We believe people can set aside all the misconceptions — fear, doubt and other emotions. We strive to deliver a discipline that you can take to the bank. It’s as simple as trusting the dot.

More details on a few things you need to know to follow below, but first I am going to engage in some shameless promotion by citing a few of the many examples, to illustrate what BuySelliQ can do for your bottom line.

Let’s look at a name everyone is familiar with: Netflix – BuySelliQ had a green alert in December of 2008 when the majority of investors were still hiding in the closet afraid to look at their investment statements. The price of Netflix at that time was $28. After an incredible 3 year run, BuySelliQ turned RED (8-19-11) at $205.21. That’s an increase of over 700% in your investment! Where was your money? Did you miss out on this opportunity like so many people? Did your advisor or broker tell you to buy Netflix?

BuySelliQ got your money invested at the right time and when the trend turned, your capital was protected! Trusting the DOT is not just a slogan — it’s a life changing opportunity. Moving along with Netflix: RED alert at $205 eventually turned to a GREEN alert at $93. Following the RED alert saved your investment capital a loss of over 55%. Did you get out? Did your broker know when to sell?

logo_netflixBuySelliQ put you back into Netflix at $93 where the trend was halted at $359. You don’t need a calculator to know that is another substantial increase. After sitting out an 8 week decline, BuySelliQ went green at $348; is still green and the close on 7-11 was $440. That is another 26% to add to an already spectacular return on your investment. Can you afford to ignore what BuySelliQ can do for your finances?

logo_appleStaying with well known companies — which is where most tend to invest — Apple had a legendary run from April 2009 to November 2012 with a five-fold price increase. BuySelliQ went RED in November and protected your capital until October 2013 when a GREEN alert was given. The price was $72 (post split), the dot is still green and closing price on Friday 7-11 was $95. If you did not get into Apple at the trend change, you missed another 32% increase in the value of you investment.

logo_baiduChanging direction slightly, to a Chinese internet company, BIDU, BuySelliQ gave a Green alert July of 2013 at $111. The trend is still GREEN and it closed on 7-11 at $186. That is another 68% return on your capital. I should point out that in just slightly over one year your investment in BIDU returned more than most recoup over a 5 or 10 year time period. This is all made possible because BuySelliQ issued a green alert at the trend change.

logo_micronI have countless more examples that would fill pages — such a Micron Technology (MU) — hardly a new company — but in Jan. 2013, BuySelliQ went GREEN with Micron at $6.96; Friday it closed at $32.78. Again you don’t need a calculator or a degree in math to know it is a substantial gain! By the way, did your advisor or broker alert you about Micron? BuySelliQ was all over it!

The examples above are a small sample of what the proprietary algorithm used at BuySelliQ has produced. Keep in mind that we also include all the mutual funds and ETF’s which supply an endless array of possibilities. If you already have a portfolio, put the symbols in your list and follow the alerts. Perhaps you have a 401(k) at work and until now the tools weren’t there to keep your portfolio on the right side of the market. No more excuses because the power is in your pocket (or your purse) through your mobile device!

What You Need to Know

Now, I said there are a few things you need to know and do to make this happen. BuySelliQ does NOT, repeat NOT, execute your trades for you. Our app is ridiculously inexpensive (for now) and your trade costs can be also, if you select an online broker that fits your needs. You can Google a comparison chart to select the right fit. If you have an account with your employer plan or an advisor, then all you have to do is make the call.

The other issue is learning how to select investment vehicles that are likely to trend. While BuySelliQ does NOT recommend which investments you should own, we give you the unfair advantage of information. It’s never a bad thing to have an edge! We provide some ideas that will put you on the right path.

Since BuySelliQ identifies trends, both UP and DOWN, the prudent thing to do is learn where you are most likely to find such opportunities. So pay attention — mature stocks (funds, ETFs) are less likely to trend simply because they are “mature”. They have had their big shot out of the gate and for a number of reasons are not in the spotlight any longer. However, and this is important, if the company introduces a hot new product or gets a new CEO or restructures such that they are no longer “mature” that company could spring to life again. Tech giants like Intel, Microsoft and Cisco went sideways for years, but with the advent of new technology, they have come back to life again (somewhat).

I’ve heard countless times, “How do I find the right stocks or ETFs, or funds?” Where are the trending vehicles? As a rule, they will reside in the emerging growth areas! Newer companies, IPO’s, medical breakthrough companies, anything that solves a major problem faced by society, or as any parent knows… what are the kids hot to buy in order to stay current? You don’t need to be a research wizard or an analyst. Just PAY ATTENTION!! Perk up your antenna when the kids “have to have” the latest whatever — toys, clothes, gadget, etc. If you don’t have kids, take a trip to a department store or Walmart or Target and pay attention to what the families are buying. It’s not hard!

It always boils down to “follow the money” and parents always know where their money is going. That’s not a bad place to look for opportunities! Just pay attention to what’s in demand! Money follows the demand! When the demand changes, the money stops flowing and it’s time to get off the train! BuySelliQ will let you know when that time comes and all you have to do is follow the signals. Don’t question it and get married to a stock because it made money for you!

Leave your emotions at the door because they will kill you when it comes time to pull the trigger. I was taught a valuable lesson at an early age when investing — Wall St. does not care what color your money is, how much or how little you have of it, they will gladly separate you from it! Trust the Dot™!

Fortune always favors the brave, and never helps a man who does not help himself.

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